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OFIA's 2018 Pre-Budget Submission - Working to Make Ontario's Forest Sector Stronger

Jamie Lim Panel Remarks at the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) 2017 Conference
- Find AMO's "When Globalization Meets Mainstreet" panel VIDEO here.

Presentation: Ontario Forest Products Sector - Recovery Risks (2017 NOMA Annual Conference)

OFIA / FPAC / QFIC Joint Letter to the President of the Natural Resources Defense Council

OFIA's 2017 Pre-Budget Submission - The Future is Forestry: The Climate Change Champion

The Future is Forestry: The Climate Change Champion, OFIA


Forestry Matters: Strengthening Ontario's Foundational Economy, OFIA


Counting Caribou: How Did Canada's Most Populous Ungulate End Up On Ontario's Endangered Species List?

OFIA Supporting Document: How Did Canada's Most Populous Ungulate End Up On Ontario's Endangered Species List?


OFIA Media Releases


The Alliance: "NRDC Does Not Speak For Us"

The Alliance: Forestry as a northern way of life is more than a stereotype, it is a reality lived by many

The Alliance: Alliance Between First Nations, Municipal Leaders, and Industry Formed to Defend a Way of Life

How Do We Keep Good Paying Jobs in Northern and Rural Ontario?


Ontario Forestry Coalition: Forestry Coalition Asks Government to Support Sector

OFIA's 1st Annual Forestry Advocacy Day at Queen's Park: Time for a Provincial Forest Strategy

Ontario Forestry Coalition: The Future of Species at Risk Policy is a Question of Credibility

Ontario Forestry Coalition: New Provincial Policies Creating Precarious Employment Impacting Northern and Rural Ontario Families

When Will Ontario Harvest Its Last Tree? OFIA Builds with Ontario Wood in Celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday

Ontario's Forest Sector Hoping Federal Government Won't Repeat History on Softwood Lumber File

OFIA / Habitat for Humanity GTA Joint Release: Trump May Not Want Ontario Lumber - But Habitat for Humanity GTA Does!

OFIA / QFIC Joint Release: Lack of Federal Government Support for Forestry Companies Threatens Jobs in Central Canada


The Future is Forestry - Let's Grow It Together

Ontario Forest Industries Association Partners with Habitat for Humanity GTA to Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday

Newly Appointed Forestry Minister Tours Mills in Thunder Bay

OFIA Congratulates Premier Wynne on her New Cabinet

OFIA Supports USGBC's Decision to Recognize Diversity in Certification Systems


Counting Caribou: How Did Canada's Most Populous Ungulate End up on Ontario's Endangered Species List? (English and French)

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Effects of harvesting on spatial and temporal diversity of carbon stocks in a boreal forest landscape, Michael T. Ter-Mikaelian, Stephen J. Colombo & Jiaxin Chen, 2013

Ontario Wood


The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)

Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB)

National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA)

The Two Sides Initiative 







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Infographic: When will Ontario harvest it's last tree? Never!