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We all want forest products that are sourced using sustainable forest management. Ontario's forest practices are governed by a world-class, platinum standard regulatory framework. Together, we are dedicated to tackling climate change and securing a viable future for Ontario's forest products sector. When you buy Ontario made forest products, your positive environmental choice is supporting over 150,000 hardworking Ontarians in over 260 communities.

The Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) is the provincial trade association representing  forestry companies ranging from large multinational corporations to family owned  businesses that operate all over Ontario. The OFIA provides a forum for member companies to discuss issues of common interest and concern. Through various Boards, Committees and Task Forces, it also serves to provide a unified voice to the government and other industrial and business sectors.

The OFIA is home to CLA lumber grading and inspection. The CLA, founded in 1907, provides high quality and cost effective inspection services.

Click to view a copy of OFIA's 2015 Pre-Budget Submission 'Planning for Generations'

Join us at OFIA's 72nd Annual Meeting and Reception on Wednesday February 25th, 2015 as we celebrate forestry's role as a renewable economic engine and employment generator in Ontario's green economy.

Forest management activities provide us with a range of economic, social and ecological benefits. To see more on forest sustainability in Ontario, Canada, take a look at this video Beyond the Stump produced by First Resource Management Group Inc.

Ontario Wood 

We’re proud that Ontario Wood is among the best-managed natural resources in the world. On top of that, wood is the only building material that is both renewable and recyclable. With such a great sustainable resource in our own backyard, there are plenty of reasons why Ontario Wood is the natural choice.

Ontario Wood is an initiative to help you identify and purchase locally made Ontario Wood products. Whether you are a consumer, builder, designer or architect, look for the leaf to be sure it’s Ontario Wood.

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The Future is Bright for Forest Products- Ontario's Growth Industry

We are on a mission to ensure that Ontario can maximize the full potential of its renewable forestry sector, which is finally emerging from years of hardships. Harvest levels are increasing in recent years, facilities are being restarted or newly built and new bio-products enterprises are being established in Ontario. "By 2020, the Canadian forest products industry will power Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world. It is a place to grow and prosper." Click here to learn more about FPAC's Vision 2020 Report.




Ontario Wood

Ottawa Valley Wood is a County of Renfrew initiative designed to make it easier for people to make local purchasing decisions. Consider sourcing local wood for your next renovation or building project, or give the gift of wood.

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